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skinny bones card.png
I hope he has his shots
Everyone wants a selfie with SB
She thinks I'm real
Checking out the celebrities
Messing with these guys
Interview time
Nice wheels!
The kids always have questions
Everyone has a phone camera
Uh oh!
Saying hi to the crowd
More phones.
I'm not your daddy

Mr. Skinny Bones

“Skinny Bones is much more than just an animatronic strolling character. He is full of personality!

The kids and adults will all love Skinny Bones by interacting with him and finding out how funny he is. Everyone nowadays has a cell phone and all cell phones have cameras.
Skinny Bones loves to take pictures with people and even helps them to crack a smile during selfies.”

Fairs, street festivals, and special events quickly realize what a buzz Skinny Bones can create. By interacting and communicating any special messages, your event will surely be a HUGE HIT!

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